My journey starts

Do we really need all the overpriced, money making companies/corporations/brands to make us feel good?

Hello there!

My name is Rebecca and I’m about to embark on a truly weird and wonderful journey!


My plan:

To go 6 months without buying a single new item from a shop, I have to make do or mend!

Starting on 31/03/2013 Ending on 01/10/2013

Please read the Rules & Exceptions!


I decided to take up this challenge after being thoroughly inspired by Jen who is doing a make do and mend YEAR – this is her blog! She also have 2 little boys! I was very inspired!

Please take a moment to read through my pages and please subscribe and follow my journey!

Rebecca x


11 thoughts on “My journey starts

  1. Same last name WOOP WOOP. I enjoy your challenge of not buying anything but crafted new from old. Welcome to my broke artist life ahaha i havent bought a new thing in sooo long! Sometimes its painful but most of the time its fun to recreate 😀 Good luck

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