Pound a bag man – 31st march 2013 – Sunday

Every week at our local carboot sale there is a man who probably does house clearances that has 20+ boxes and you buy a carrier bag from him for £1 and then you fill it whatever you want in the boxes.

This week my £1 bag consisted of:

  •  A Melman giraffe toy from the film ‘Madagascar’
  • A Crush turtle toy from the film ‘Finding Nemo’
  • A brand new (sealed!) body butter from the Bodyshop (The same flavor coconut I usually buy)
  • A decorative plate that I will use as a glue dish for my crafts
  • X2 pencil cases: Pink one for my craft markers & the stripey one for a make up bag for holiday
  • A packet of X30 Marks & Spencers Christmas cards (with a £5 label i will add)
  • X2 Driving theory books (I need to pass my test!)
  • A pack of 15 notecards
  • a mini pocket glamour book
  • X10 DVD’s (some of my Favorites some doubles that I will gift to friends)

photo (8)


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