40+ FREE Gifted Craft Magazines – 4th April 2013 – Thursday

Hello there!

‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure’

A few days ago I came across a women gifting (giving away for free) 40 craft magazines! I was absolutely ecstatic! I contacted her and she said I could have then.

I asked my dad to collect them (I don’t drive) but they were over 60miles away so it wasn’t very waste watchers polluting the air with unnecessary driving. So one of my day’s work colleagues who lied close collected them for me! Hurray!

They came in a cardboard box file (which was one of the things on my needed list) so I have Sellotape it all up and I am reusing it! I’m So happy!

Some people are so nice!

Why don’t you think about gifting something you no longer need/want and make someone’s day?

Please remember to post my blog on you’re facebook pages and spread the word!

Rebecca x

20130404-080707 PM.jpg

20130404-081030 PM.jpg


2 thoughts on “40+ FREE Gifted Craft Magazines – 4th April 2013 – Thursday

  1. I was that lady. It was a pleasure to know that people are watching what they buy. I myself have done quiet a bit of mending recently. My washer machine soap drawer broke and I glued it together instead of paying £25 for another one. I have recently given 4 new box files to a charity shop – just the week before Rebecca had the mags from me – I could have chucked them in the give away if I’d known! Pity I’m using the ones I have left.

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