A vintage crockery bird feeder

This is my first reblogged post!

This is such a fantastic concept! And for me, I have so many vintage teacups sitting and we have a broken bird bath so this is a spiffing idea! I LOVE IT! Do you? xx


I saw these little bird feeders in a shop window, and was shocked at how expensive they where.

I love vintage crockery, and know that it would only cost a £1 or so, get the materials together to make one.

I already had everything I needed, so with a few brain waves and my favourite glue, I whipped one up in no time.

I like the idea of having a few around the garden, with candles of little LED lights in.  But they also work great as bird feed tray.  And look very cute with little birds feeding from them.



  • Cup and saucer
  • A strong glue, I like to use Araldite
  • A stick, I found mine in the garden.

Search about for a cup and saucer.  They don’t have to match, unless you want them to.

Prepare your glue.

Araldite comes in 2 parts that need to be…

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