My first PreLoved bought clothes of the challenge!

I just thought you might like to see my first clothing purchases of the challenge!

This is my absolute steal dress at a mere 20p! I love it is just so sweet!

20130414-075531 PM.jpg

My delightful little peach top – for summer and I can wear it for work with a white best top underneath! I love my republic clothes and this was 50p!

20130414-075700 PM.jpg

This was such a good buy! It’s a new look black jump suit – I first picked it up thinking it was a maxi dress but my dad convinced me to try it as i have never had a jumpsuit before! It was so so comfy and fitted perfect! 50p wow!

20130414-075826 PM.jpg

Remember – if you find one thing you like – remember to look through everything as you may have the same style as the stall holder!
And you will always get around 80-90% off the original price they paid!
I just put one new pre loved item in the wash with every normal wash so it doesn’t feel a hassle to put on a load just for the new stuff!

P.S if you get home and the item doesn’t fit – eBay it! You’re sure to make a profit!

Rebecca x


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