Pound a bag man – 14th April 2013

It’s Sunday again!

Wow I got some great bargains in this week’s ‘pound a bag!’

  • X7 Wii Games
  • X 33 DVD’s YES 33!!!
  • X2 CD’s
  • A pair of sunglasses (That actually suit me! – A tick off my need to buy list too!)
  • X2 rolls of sealed wallpaper boarder which I will use for crafting!
  • A sailor magnet (Martyn, my boyfriend added this to the bag!)
  • A book light
  • A glade scented candle
  • A new tagged hair clip (I needed one of these!)
  • A paraolympics blow up finger (Martyn’s!)
  • A lovely silver photo frame (I will probably craft this into a nice gift)
  • A red clutch bag from New Look which will be perfect for my Egypt holiday!
  • A Next leather passport holder for Martyn
  • X100 Xmas gift labels (For labels on Xmas presents or on cards!)

Check out what else we bought today on the ‘purchases page!’

Rebecca x

20130414-072606 PM.jpg


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