An upcycled mend! A new candle!


In Sundays (14/4/13) ‘pound a bag’ was a lovely cinnamon glad candle. There usually cost around £6-8 in a shop. When I got home it lit but wouldn’t stay lit due to the very short wick.

I decided it smelled too nice to bin so I thought I’d make something of it!

20130418-081458 AM.jpg

I got a knife and a pair of scissors and scooped out all the wax, crumbled it too the top of my oil burner and lit a tea light so the wax on the top melted:

20130418-081626 AM.jpg

After about 20mins I blew out the tea light and left it overnight to go hard again. On the morning I re lit the tea light for about 1 min until the bottom of the wax was warm and scooped out the whole thing and repeated the process with the other left over wax.
I buy the Yankee candle tarts and this works exactly the same and I got 2 from one candle! Also – because the wax doesn’t directly get burnt it lasts much longer!

20130418-081857 AM.jpg

20130418-081934 AM.jpg

Waste not – want not!
Rebecca x


3 thoughts on “An upcycled mend! A new candle!

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  2. This is a great idea! I have the stubby bottoms of loads of scented candles & I had no idea what to do with them but didn’t want to throw them away, do now I’ll give this a go! Just have to keep an eye out at the carboot sale for an oil burner! 😉

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