21st April 2013 – Pound a bag!


The best day of the week!

This week’s Pound a bag consisted of:

  • X8 china teacups & X1 saucer (I use them for crafts! – You shall see when I update my craft page!)
  • X1 boxed designer mug (The Green one!)
  • X2 picture’s with hooks (Used for crafts!)
  • A angel candle holder which I will re-vamp and paint
  • A trinket pot
  • A starfish (Dad put that in!)
  • A dog race night DVD (Will use with the girls!)
  • A horse race night DVD
  • X2 handmade cards
  • X23 MP3’s with music on them
  • A wooden plaque (I will paint)
  • A New Look Glasses case (For my holiday!)
  • X3 wall paper boarders (Usefull for crafts)
  • Snakes & Ladders board game (for the kids to play with)
  • X6 packes of M&S Gift tags
  • X1 piece of cream lace
  • X1 piece of lilac ribbon
  • A brand new Benefit body cream tint RRP £32!!!!20130421-103901 PM.jpg

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