Gifted- a wrought iron table set & Garden chair & tables!


We have been looking for a new garden table and chairs since last summer…as my mum put a disposable BBQ on our old glass table and it shattered!

I came across this beautiful little gem on PreLoved – it was listed as ‘Free to good home’ and I enquired!

I was rather disappointed when the lady said she was waiting for someone to collect it. Anyway I left my mobile number with her in case it fell through. And it did! I received a phone call this morning asking if I’d like to collect it and we did! We went to the Carboot and grabbed a brand new pot of cream exterior metal paint for £1! (We looked in Wilkinsons and it was £10.95 a tin!!!)

This is it after we sanded it and used a wire brush over it and had just started to paint it:20130421-102337 PM.jpg

20130421-102416 PM.jpgWere going to paint it all over with 2 coats of the cream paint and it should be lovely! But we’re going to keep our eye out for a blue or green pot of exterior metal paint to do the feature points.

Total Price – £1. Bargain.

AND – to top it off – We casually explained our shattered table story and she explained she was having a new set delivered to replace the 4 chairs and rectangle table she has in her garden now – when she said she was getting a new set delivered next week and she was planning to skip it – and she asked if we wanted to collect that too next week! It looked in mint condition she said she just wanted a bigger one!

What a great day! I will update the photo’s as we continue to paint!

Rebecca x


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