# 2nd lot of pre loved clothes – 20-04-2013


Let me introduce to you my second attempt at pre loved clothes!

1 – a lovely knitted jumper dress for just 50p

20130425-103816 PM.jpg

2 – a stunning black & white stripe designer dress with matching patent black belt for £1.00

20130425-103918 PM.jpg

3 – A strapless rosé tagged summer top – 50p priced £5 on the label

20130425-104010 PM.jpg

4 – A delightful little burgundy dress for 50p!

20130425-104057 PM.jpg

5 – A stunning grey, white and pink dress from Next – 50p!!

20130425-104148 PM.jpg

5 – A one shoulder black summer top – 50p!

20130425-104235 PM.jpg

6 – A pair of denim shorts for £1!

20130426-080537 AM.jpg

7 – A purple Maxi dress for 50p!

20130426-080730 AM.jpg

8 – a beige sheer shirt for 50p!

20130426-080857 AM.jpg

8 – a pair of summer sandles for 50p

20130426-080325 AM.jpg

9 – a bracelet for 20p!

20130426-081017 AM.jpg

All for a mere £6.20!!!


5 thoughts on “# 2nd lot of pre loved clothes – 20-04-2013

  1. Ok, you’ve inspired me, I really need to get to some carboots. I just don’t understand why they have to be so early in the morning?!

    • I am so glad!
      I don’t understand why they are so early neither – but as they say! The earlier the better. They start here at 6am and end at 12. We tent to go about 9.00am and leave around 11.00 which means were early enough for the good buys but late enough for the give aways! 🙂 X

      • Thanks for the tip! I think I could just about manage to act like a human at 9.00am on a weekend!

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