Card making for the craft fair!


I’m going to try and have a table at a craft fair in the upcoming months. These are my crafted cards so far – what do you think? How much could I sell these for? Any improvements?!

20130501-085839 PM.jpg

20130501-085900 PM.jpg

20130501-085916 PM.jpg

20130501-085850 PM.jpg

20130501-085947 PM.jpg

20130501-085937 PM.jpg

20130501-085926 PM.jpg

20130501-090453 PM.jpg


4 thoughts on “Card making for the craft fair!

  1. These are lovely cards so I hope the craft fair goes well. Price wise I would work out what the cards have cost you to make (materials) and the time it take to make them. Then think of the percentage uplift you’d like to see as profit. Then round that to an easy number and go from there. People like to think they’re getting a bargain, so if you can sell them for around the £2 mark I’d say that’s ideal. A great card for the same or less then we’d buy from a regular card shop. Best of luck!

  2. Hi Rebecca, I owned a card/gift shop for many years and Hand Crafted cards were very popular selling at anything up to £6 each, however people are not spending this sort of money anymore and Retailers like ourselves were very badly hit during the ongoing recession…I would have thought that a price of around £3 would be about right for your cards(they are lovely) but you could try for more initially and bring them down if they don’t sell…be interested to know how you get on…Good Luck!

  3. Think all your cards are very pretty and will be well worth buying. A small point the Mr and Mrs card could perhaps have something male somewhere on it, but perhaps I’m being picky? Good luck with your table!

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