My new crafting journey!

Hello there!

I have just started a new crafting page in order to sell my cards and crafts!

The page is: – if you could ‘Like it’ on Facebook that would be perfect!

I am selling lots of different cards and gifts – if you are interested please email me:

Rebecca x

20130501-094111-PM.jpg 20130501-093934-PM.jpg 20130501-085916-PM.jpg 20130501-090453-PM.jpg 20130501-085947-PM.jpg 20130501-085937-PM.jpg 20130501-085926-PM.jpg 20130501-085850-PM.jpg 20130501-085900-PM.jpg 20130425-095312-PM.jpg 20130425-095324-PM.jpg 20130425-093949-PM.jpg 20130425-094859-PM.jpg 20130416-084641-PM.jpg 20130411-074139-AM.jpg 20130411-073952-AM.jpg 20130411-073758-AM.jpg


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